I quit my job in Oslo and went on a one year journey to Asia back in Janurary 2013. Ohh what a journey it has been. I have been doing volunteer work at a monastery school in Myanmar, rock climbing on the beaches in Thailand, climbing mountains in Himalaya, trekking in Himalaya, practiced yoga in India and much much more. I met many of my best friends on this journey. They have been an important inspiration for me, that has led to the development of Livealifeinmotion to the concept it is today.

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My motivation for developing Livealifeinmotion is that I want to contribute to make this world a better place to be. I know I can not save the world, but I can atleast try to do something to make this world a little bit better place to be for some people. I think this is a responsibility we all have. I want to make this place a better place by creating workplaces in Nepal, give financial support to well organised charity projects in Nepal and use my experience from my own journey to raise awareness of how we all can Live A Life In Motion. Most of us do Live A Life In Motion. We just are not aware of it.


What does it mean to Live A Life In Motion? Answer to this question is very, very personal. There are not two people in this world who will give the same answer. When you Live A Life In Motion do you focus on doing more of what YOU want to do, not what the society around you expects you to do. It all starts with taking one step out of you everyday life. Only one step. It is up to you to decide how big or small this step shall be. What is important is that you take one step, then one more, then one more and suddenly has your life changed.


I met a lot of interesting people that has inspired me along my journey. I met C.J. from Chicago in Kathmandu. We had many interesting conversations about life and our experiences in Nepal. He inspired me to think about Nepal as part of my future Life In Motion. So here I am in Nepal where my life is moving more than ever after the earthquake on April 25. when the Everest Expedition 2015 became history. C.J. and myself share a passion for Nepal, the friendly people and the beautiful nature. We will cooperate on raising attention about the situation in Nepal and activities to fundraise money. More information about our cooperation will be published in the near future.



In india in august 2013 was the idea to Happy Heart Universe born. I was sitting outside the house I was living in, together with one of the other tenants Michelle and shared my experiences from the journey so far. Michelle has been a great inspiration to me. We had many good conversations that summer, she introduced me to persons and concepts that has been important for my development. Today do Michelle produce jewellery and shawls in Kathmandu, and myself produce Happy Heart Universe T-shirts.


Where people exchange good energy happy hearts and MAGIC MOMENTS are created. Good energy can be exchanged in many ways. One way is to be aware of what you are wearing. I experienced that many times on my journey in 2013, and had many good interactions with strangers because of what I was wearing. These good experiences combined with my wish to create workplaces in Nepal, lead to that I started designing  Happy Heart Universe t-shirts together with two young entrepreneurs in Kathmandu. I met Anuza and Alpasa in their store in Kathmandu last summer. These to young talented ladies are just amazing. I will tell you more about my business partners and friends in future blogs.

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I wanted an unik logo and design for the Livealifeinmotion webpage, so I went to Taiwan to visit my dear friend Chien last summer. Chien and myself met in North Thailand in april 2013. She is a great illustrator and I just love her work. Looking at her illustrations makes me happy. Chien has designed the “happy go lucky” logo for Livealifeinmotion. She has also illustrated the happy girl on the webpage and the illustration in the header for this blogpost. She has illustrated the prints on the short sleeved Happy Heart Universe t-shirts. We had so much fun in Taiwan last summer. I am hoping to meet her soon again. Chien let me stay with her and her parents in their private home during my visit. I feel honoured each time I get the opportunity to stay in a private home during my travels. I am sure that we will do more work together.


My Stories From Nepal I share with you because I just love to spend time here in Nepal. I hope you get inspired to come here on a visit this country in the future. This country is a beautiful place to be. The people I have met so far after the earthquake is so caring and friendly.

This country deserve all the help that is needed to build up the country again. When I started working om my concepts was my intention to give a certain amount of  money from each unit I sell, to well organised charity project in Nepal. As a result of the earthquake on April 25. have C.J. and I worked out a new strategy for the charity projects Livealifinmotion will support. The type of projects we will support are projects that contribute to rebuild the rural villages, initiated by people with local knowledge from the area they run projects. We will tell you more about our thoughts soon.

After Earthquake 3

Our friends in Nepal will need a lot of financial support in the years to come to rebuild the schools, health stations and homes in the remote villages. We want to be there as a partner with a long-term commitment. To support our projects you can:

To develop Livealifeinmotion as a concept has really been an important part of my life for the last two to three years. It has developed as I have developed. From the first blog i wrote in norwegian on a blog called fjellsnuppa almost three years ago, to the first version on Livealifeinmotion.com that I published right before the Everest Expedition in 2014, to the version I have today. I am living A Life In Motion. That means that this concept will continue to develop as I and the environment I am living in changes.

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