In my last blog wrote I about our trek up to Lo-mantang our end destination on the Upper Mustang trek, and our stay in Lo-Mantang. In this blog is it the way down the mountain to Jomsom i will write about. I feel soo lucky that I got the opportunity to walk in this beautiful landscape. I have so many awesome pictures I will present in this blog, since I believe that pictures are a better storyteller than words.

We started early in the morning from Lo-Mantang. The landscape we walked in this day reminded me of the mountains home in Jotunheimen. It was very peaceful to wander here in my own pace and with a peaceful mind. We are on our way up to the highest point on the trek on approximately 4.300 meters.



We arrived in Ghar Ghumba at lunchtime. This monastery is maybe the most special and beautiful place I have ever visited. The whole place had a special and strong energy. I will love to go back and visit this place sometime in the future.



The caretaker invited us in fora cup of butte tea and sampa (a local dish).


We moved on down the Valley to Charang and visited the beautiful Monastery in the village.


The day after visited we Dakmar a small village which is known for its amazing landscape of stone walls. For a girl like me who absolutely love the mountains with whole my body and soul was this landscape BREATHTAKING.



We visited the Chungsi Cave the next day. Chungsi Cave is a famous meditation cave. This was my first time visiting a meditation cave, and in my imagination have I always thought of them as really basic. I got a big surprise coming in to this cave. Inside was it beautifully decorated and reminded me more about a monastery then a cave.



Meeting nepalis is always so nice when you are on a trek. In the cave did we meet a Sherpa family that was on a pilgrimage. They are always so lively and hospitable. You will always feel included in to their crowd. This family was no exception. They where laughing, singing and contributed to a good atmosphere in the cave.


We ended our trek with climbing the Gyu La pass between Chussang and Muktinath. Even though the pass is only 4077 meters, was this day one of the thoughest hiking days I have had ever! I was so glad when I could sit down on the top of the pass and look down on Muktinath.




We had the view of the Annapurna Range as background picture on almost the whole trek. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.



A better way to start the day then waking up to this view?







Trekking in Himalaya is always very special to me. What amazes me the most is that there are so many different landscapes, building styles and cultures in this mountain range. It is same, same but different. Always breathtaking and beautiful!