It is a little bit over a week since I arrived back in Norway. It feels so good to be home again. Back to my old routines practicing yoga at Puro yoga and climbing in the climbing gym. It is so good to be back in my flat, meet my old friends again and make plans for the future.

There is a lot of say about how intense the life we are living in the modern society are, and how we get distracted and drawn away from ourself by the intensity. Instead of living in the present are we living in the past memorising and wishing for the good things that has been to happen again, or we have a future dream that we are striving to realise. We are so busy occupying our mind with the past and the future, that there is no space left to being present in the moment. Another reason that we escape being present in the moment is that it is not always a pleasant place to be. We can have experienced sad things in our lives like a breakup of a relationship or loosing the friendship to a good friend. It can also be a result of that we feel stuck in life. We feel that our career is not developing in the way we dreamed of, or maybe it does but we still feel that something is missing. There can be many reasons to why we feel stuck and want changes in our lives.

Being present is not always the same as being happy. In the present moment do we experience every mood life has to offer. We suffer and are angry, happy, sad when we are present. We can even be all of them at the same time…..:-) Life is complex and so are our feelings to. I have had many confusing and sad moments with myself in the time I have behind me, and I know I will have it in the future to. I just have to accept that this is part of being alive.

Where I am in life do I have some big dreams for the future, that I do not know how I shall make come true. I have come to the conclusion that I have two ways I can handle this situation. I can feel that this dream is so big and get totally paralized and feel stuck. The other alternative I have is to divide my dreams up in two parts. One part consist of solutions that I can do something about today and the second part consists of events that is out of my control to predict the outcome of today. I choose the second alternative and focus on the things I can do something with today, and start moving my life in the direction I want it to be in the future. For the part that is out of my control will I let the time work for me and see what happens. I need to have focus on the activities that is out of my control to. But I find it much easier to handle them when I accept that it is out of my control to do something with them today.

In my last blog was I sharing my thoughts about getting rid of the things I do not need when I move into my flat again. I have started on the process and it is difficult. How can I for example get rid of all the nice summer dresses I have bought in the past? I have BIG problems with that, so in my cupboard do I have my Heart dress, a yellow silk dress, a red silk dress, my white angle dress, my Pippi Longstocking dress and much, much more. I have unpacked five boxes and have already put 10 dresses into the cupboard. It is so difficult to downsize because I like the stuff I packed down before I left. The positive thing is that I do not need to use time and money in the near future on shopping. My empathy goes to my friends who have been through this process lately.