“Solitude is not the absence of company, but the moment when the soul is free to speak to us”.    Paulo Coelho my favourite author.

I am sitting at the kitchen table in a really nice flat I have rented from Ellen’s friend Cynthia here in Kathmandu, where I am writing this blog. I am drinking a good cup of black coffee and listening to Celine Dion singing “Ave Maria”. I feel so at home here in Boudha. I started of this rainy saturday morning with my yoga practice. My hamstrings where so tight after 15 days of walking up and down, up and down…….. and so on. I had to be really soft and kind with myself in my practice today, something that is very difficult for me. I like to be tough with my self and work really hard to achieve goals fast. I have this idea that the only way to get results is to work really, really hard. My yoga practice is an evidence that this is not always the solution. Even though I have practiced for many years now is the physical part of my yoga practice on a new beginners level.

I like these lazy saturday where I can sit in solitude with a kitchen table and just be……….

I have an active life and you might think that I am out there walking in the mountains, climbing, working, travelling or doing something active all the time. That is not how it is. When I am in Oslo can I use a whole weekend in my flat just being. I LOVE these weekends doing nothing and where I just exist. I can not say for sure but I think these weekends in the past, has been an important ingredient for the journey I am on now. Without these moments where I sit and just let my thoughts fly and take me into the rooms within, where the soul wants me to visit, would I probably not dared trusting my gut feeling who told me to quit my job and go on a journey to Asia. When I sit here and think about all the really good friends I have made on this journey, and all the awesome experiences I have had the last one and a half year. I am so happy I was patient and dared to sit in my kitchen “doing nothing” and listen to my soul.

The time after the Everest Expedition was called of, has been a time for me to grow on many levels especially within. It has become clear to me that the most important journey I am on, is the journey I am on within. That is a journey I can bring with me wherever I go. It is with me at a kitchen table in Kathmandu, but it is also an important part of my life at a kitchen table in my home in Oslo. It is even a part of my life when I am up in the mountains or on a nice beach somewhere. The journey within is with me wherever I let it be with me.

I am so happy that it is an important part of my life.