Life is good home in Norway. I am using my time on my projects that shall result in that I can be fulltime self employed sometime in the future. I am also using a lot of time training for the Everest expedition I will attend in april and may this year.

What is it that drives me to use time and money on a new Everest expedition after the expedition in 2014 that was cancelled?
I can answer that question with one word PASSION!!! Passion is what drives me to train hard so I hopefully can stand on the top of Mount Everest one day in may this year. To have passion in life is a great gift. Passion is for me an extra dimension that gives me a special energy that makes impossible achievements possible.

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I have got many new friends since I arrived back in Norway from my journey in Asia last august. One of them is my training companion Une who will join our Everest expedition this year. First time I met Une was on a in the Mount Everest region in Nepal last year. I was on my way to Everest Basecamp in last years Everest expedition, she was with a group of Norwegians that spent their easter holiday in the Himalayas. They where on their way to climb Island Peak. I did not have any contact with Une after this until this January. To be honest, I had forgotten about our meeting in the mountain until I saw her post on a facebook community I am a member of. She was searching for company to climb a 7.000 meter peak in Himalaya. I understood immediately that it was the same woman that I had met in the lodge last easter. I sent her a message on Facebook around seven o’clock on 7th of January to ask her if she was interested in changing her plans, and join us on our Everest expedition instead of climbing the 7.000 meter peak. She responded immediately and we had a long conversation on the phone about her joining the expedition. She called me up again later that evening and told me that she had decided that she wanted to join us.

I knew the feeling she had inside when she decided to join us. I know that the decision to join a Everest expedition on such a short notice was made with her heart. The big decisions in my life do I make with my heart to.

So, from being alone with my training and having the uncertainty of whom I am going to share tent with in the high camps on Everest, have I got a new friend, training partner and I know who I will share tent with on the expedition. We had a hard session last Friday, and it was two physically tired women that wake up on Saturday morning. We decided therefore to have an easy walk in the forest together on Saturday. On our walk that saturday was we sooo happy. Happy for the good workout we had on friday night, happy for the nice walk in beautiful nature on Saturday morning where we had time to get to know each other better.
Une and I share the preparation for our biggest adventure and dream. We will be together in the expedition, and hopefully will we succeed and stand on top of Mount Everest some day in may. I have been in the situation where I did not get the opportunity to reach the top last year. I know I can handle the disappointment if I do not reach the top. Whether I get my big dream about standing on top of Mount Everest this year fulfilled or not, will I have many good moments on the way to the top in the forest in Oslo, the Norwegian mountains and Himalaya. I know that I will learn a lot about myself on this journey I am on right here and now.


I have deep respect for my friends that are working as mountain guides and climbing sherpas on the 8.000 meters mountains in Nepal. I know climbing Mount Everest is connected with danger. I have respect for the danger that is involved in climbing Mount Everest. My passion for the mountains and living my life without having any regrets when I get old is the energy that motivates me to do it.