I have spent one weekend in my flat in Oslo after I arrived back from the journey and bought a car. This weekend was it time to drive up to the Norwegian mountains, and get a feel of how it was to be back in the mountains where I have had so many special moments. It almost felt like I had not been away from them. It is a totally different experience from trekking in Himalaya and I will not try to compare these two experiences.


The  weather was what we will call quite grey but who cares about the weather. I do not! I drove to a cottage called Fondsbu on friday evening, which is a 4,5 hour drive from Oslo. I stayed there overnight and walked for 5 hours to a cottages called Olavsbu on saturday. I returned back to Fondsbu where I started on sunday.


At first was it strange to be back in the mountains after all that has happened in my life since the last time I was walking in these mountains. It did not take many hours before I was back with whole my heart and soul.  What I like by going back to a place where I have been before, is that it gets very clear to me that my life has changed since the last time I visited the same place. I get in contact with the feelings I had the last time I was visiting the place, and it becomes clear to me that I have changed. The same thing happened this time. I almost panicked when I arrived at Fondsbu, because the feeling of being back in the future to the time before I left Norway was so strong. I managed to calm myself down and within an hour was I into the present moment, having good conversation with the other guests I was eating dinner with. Walking alone in the mountains is a privilege I really appreciate. This weekend by myself in the mountains has been good. It has been a good time to reflect over all the impressions from the journey. I know now that it is right for me to be back in Norway. The journey has been life changing. It was not the same girl that was walking in the mountains this weekend as two years ago.

It is so peaceful to be in the mountains. Because of the weather conditions this weekend was there not a lot of people, which meant that I could walk for hours alone. It was perfect I could reflect over my life situation. The overall goal for the journey I have been on was to experience something different and develop. It is a good feeling to feel that I have achieved this goal. From getting the feeling of being in the right place and that life is changing, has it been clearer for me what I will focus my energy on the next years. One thing I have learned is that life is continuously changing. Some changes is it possible to have control over, other changes is out my control and I have learned that I just have to accept the outcome. It is not always easy to accept the changes in life, but they will affect your life either you want it or not.

I will repeat a saying I have written in my blogs many times before, just because I love it.

Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get.