I arrived in a quiet Kathmandu yesterday, exactly one week after the earthquake hit Nepal. It has been an intense week. I where in Everest Basecamp on an Everest expedition preparing to climb Mount Everest. It did not take many days before we understood that the Everest expedition 2015 was history. For the second year in a row had a natural disaster prevented me from trying to summit Mount Everest.

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Help me help the earthquake victims in Nepal. I do believe in local engagement. I know personally many committed enthusiasts that will work hard to rebuild the local community they where born and brought up in.


You can support the earthquake victims in Nepal by buing a #Happyheartuniverse T-shirt on Livealifeinmotion.com. 100% of the profit from the T-shirts that are sold before 1st of August, goes to rebuilding projects in rural areas in Nepal.

or you can donate money to Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. An initiative taken by my dear friend C.J. Ford to help the earthquake victims in Nepal.

Want to LIVE A LIFE IN MOTION? Sign up and get FIVE TIPS on how to get started. It’s FREE!

We started on the walk back to Lukla airport last monday. There is always chaos at the airport in Lukla when many people are leaving the mountains at the same time. This was the case this time to. We heard rumours that passengers where fighting over the plain tickets. We decided therefore to stay a few days in a small village called Peruche until the situation had calmed down a little bit.

After Earthquake 2
The walk from Basecamp to Namche Bazar was a walk filled with a lot of feelings and thoughts. In Peruche and other vlillages was many houses destroyed from the earthquake. The beautiful monastery in Tengbuche has also got major damages from the earthquake.

The paths and lunch patios outside the lodges we passed was empty, something that is sad to see since this is high season for trekking in #Himalaya.

11181251_10202807116338987_1157134430782190938_oI also got time to think about my next step on my personal journey.

I attend to stay in Nepal for a while. I want to help the people in this country. If there is a time when they need help is it now. Right now is the whole situation in this country chaotic. I will use the next months to help and also get to know the situation better.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world measured in material wealth. The strengths the people in Nepal has in a situation like this, is that they care for their local communities and help each other. Much of the aid money that is flowing in to this country goes to private persons, that feels a social responsibility for the community where they have grown up. For example do you find many successful businessmen within the trekking business that comes from poor villages in the countryside. They feel a big obligation for the local community and contribute to build up the social infrastructure as schools, health stations and micro power stations and much, much more. I tried to meet Ram that I am cooperating with on the treks I am organising to Nepal, yesterday when I arrived in Kathmandu. I will meet him sometimes next week. Even though he has a business to run here in Kathmandu, is his first priority right now to help his villagers. He is in his village right now where they build temporary homes for the villagers, that has got their homes destroyed in the earthquake.

After Earthquake 3The earthquake caused big damages in the Kumbhu region where I was.

This is a region that is quiet far away from the epic centre of the earthquake. Base on what I saw in Kumbhu Valley I am anxious about how big the damages is in the areas that is closer to the epic centre. I have friends that are from one of this areas and I hope I will get the opportunity to go to some of these villages and see for myself how big the damages are.

The people in Nepal need our help now. I have a long term perspective on my engagement in this country. I will work hard to help the friendly people that has a big place in my heart.

I love the people and the mountains her in Nepal!