Evangeline and myself had a magic moment on one of our 2.000 meter peaks Besshøe in september this year. You are always lucky when you arrive on a mountaintop in Norway with clear view and no wind. We summited the top in september. It is extraordinary for that time of the year, that you can sit and relax on the top and only wear a t-shirt. Good company, good weather and big passion for the mountains. It was magic, magic, magic:-)

The journey I am on today is a journey within myself. It is a journey I have been on for a while. It started when I was in India in 2013. I had been traveling for 6 months. I had bought a green longie and a pink blouse in Myanmar about 6 months earlier. I had traveled in Myanmar, Thailand, Nepal and India, and I always got some nice compliments when I was wearing this outfit. One thing is that it is nice to get compliments. What I think is even nicer is the feeling it creates in the person who gives me the compliment. For a short moment is there created a magic space between two people that is positive for both of them. I started to reflect on how the clothes we are wearing can create good energy around us.

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With this discovery was the idea to Happy Heart Universe born. On Happy Heart Universe will I share experiences I have had where good energy has been created. I will also share my view on how we create good interaction and energy in the space between us and other people.

After India went I back to Nepal and continued to think about all these good personal interactions I have had with friends and strangers. My dream about starting up my own business when I went back to Norway, was already born on my last stay in Nepal. I started to philosophising around these ideas and dreams I had. I wondered if it was possible to combine my dream about being self employed, and develop products and services in Nepal that contribute to good energy.  The first product that is developed with this intention is ready for sale. I have designed t-shirts together with Anuza and Alpaza that I will sell under the brand-name Happy Heart Universe.

There is enough suffering in this world, so let us start focusing on what we can do to create good energy in the space around us. I know that it is not always easy to do if the circumstances are not suitable for it. But the more people that starts being aware of it and do something to create good energy, the better will the surroundings we have around us be.

Being aware of what we are wearing is a small and easy way to contribute and create positive interaction in our everyday life. I will LOVE to hear from you if you have some thoughts about how we can create good energy around us, and hopefully some magic moments.

Want to LIVE A LIFE IN MOTION? Sign up and get FIVE TIPS on how to get started. It’s FREE!