The last one and a half year has been like a fairytale for me. I have spent 10 months in the country that has a big place in my heart Nepal, traveled up in the Himalayas in Nepal, India and Bhutan for more than 5 months. What more can a girl like me that LOVE to be up in the mountains ask for. I must be extremely satisfied with what I have been a part of and I am. I have been lucky who have had the opportunity to do this.

In blogs, pictures and Facebook messages has I shared my happiness and gratitude for what I have been a part of. I must admit that I have thought to myself more than ones, that it maybe is a little bit to much what I share on social medias, and that you who reads what I write get a little bit tired off me and my ADVENTUROUS HAPPY LIFE.

I can tell you that even though I feel that I am totally where I am supposed to be at the moment, do I have my ups and downs within. Sometimes does it feels like my inner life and the life where I am in contact with the outer world, are not harmonised at all. On the outer side do I have a great time together with either good friends or family, and even though everything is great do I have this sad place inside of me. What I learn from these experiences from the inner and the outer world are that both of them are real for me in the present moment. I also realise that it does not matter how hard I work on my self, my ups and downs within will be with me whatever I do to live a harmonious life. I appreciate these moments because I always get new insight about myself. They are though but they occur because I have something to learn about myself.

I had a clear goal that I wanted to achieve before I left my home in Oslo and went on this journey. I wanted to have a good life at home, so I did not run away from a miserable life. I think I did a good job with myself. Even tough I am having a great time in Nepal do I miss home. It is good to feel that I am homesick from time to time.

There are so many aspects in life that can lead to mixed emotions like feeling good, happy, sad, angry, and so on……..   Sometimes do all of them occur at the same time.  That can be pretty intense. I have accepted that the only choice that I have is to live with the events and emotions that occurs in the present moment. I have surrendered it is impossible to escape from them!