I have learned so much from my stay here in Taiwan about the important thing in life. Good interaction with people I meet on my way. As I wrote in my blog yesterday “I just want to be together with my friend”, am I visiting my friend Chien and her family in a not touristic town named Yuanlin in Taiwan. My friend Chien was so worried that I should find her town boring, and she was trying hard to find places to visit and things to do. After we came back from our trip to the mountains and Sun Moon Lake have we just spent our time together doing nothing…..:-) I do believe that we have learned something very important from the last day both of us. In my opinion are there two different ways to spend time together with friends. You can go and explore touristic attractions or you can spend time just being together, and get to now your friends and their everyday life on a deeper level. I know how I do prefer to spend my time together with my friends when I visit them.

Last friday after we came back from our trip did we meet up with Chien’s brother Murrey and went for a nice dinner at a traditional restaurant together. Here are Chien and Murrey ordering food at the restaurant.



We spent half of the day on saturday in Chien’s favourite coffee shop discussing life, love and future projects.



I asked Chien to take me for a walk so we drowe to a place outside the city on her scooter. We got lost on our way but met this Lovely lady in her mid eighties and her friend.


Thereafter we went to the park and spent hours talking about life and love…. This was Chiens first time hanging out in the local park where she went and bought Icecream when she was a child.


I talked Chien into going out in a trafficked street so I could take pictures:-)


Her grandfather had a teashop and her dad has inherited his passion for traditional tea making. Cheers:-)


Good times with good coffee outside another coffee shop together with Chien and Murrey.


Our friendship has definitely been closer and deeper in the days I have spent in this country. I doubt that we would be so close if we had been running around visiting tourist attractions. Today am I heading back to Taipei with many good memories from my visit to Chien and her family.