I know I have dreamed about doing something and thought that it was impossible to do because… Through hard work, I am getting better at doing more of what I want to do and less of what society expects from me. And in a world, seemingly, focused on the term “impossible,” my journeys in Asia and Nepal have expanded my mind and thoughts for what is possible.

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Take for example that I promised myself the first time I visited Everest Basecamp in October 2012 that I shall never come closer to Everest than I was in that moment. Now two attempts at summiting Mount Everest later, I have still not gotten much closer to the top than Everest Basecamp… Not because I do not believe that I can or will not summit Mount Everest, but because the circumstances (nature) wanted it to be that way… for now.




It is one thing to believe that a dream is possible to achieve and another thing, entirely, to want it badly enough to make it a reality.

”To really want something bad enough” is for me a journey in which I get tested time and again as to whether or not I really, really want to achieve my dream. Take for example my passion for Nepal. I have spent a lot of time there these last years. I have worked with myself in the process to find out if and how I can have a long-term perspective on creating a future in which Nepal has a central place in my life. I have worked hard to find business partners that have the same passions as I do as well as to build my network of local, expatriate and worldwide peoples who have a passion for Nepal.

I have also worked hard to fulfill my dream of climbing Mount Everest as well as my dream to be a social entrepreneur. This spring my Everest expedition was cancelled for the second year in a row. Last year it was because of an avalanche that killed 16 people. This year it was due to the earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25th. I decided to stay in Kathmandu and work from there for two months in order to assess and report on the damage as well as to work on my dream of becoming a social entrepreneur. However, as soon as I arrived back in Kathmandu, one of my webpages, Nepaltur.no, was hacked and after several attempts to repair the security hole, there was not much success. In the end, I just had to realize that I had to find a new partner to operate Nepaltur.no that has a focus on security. This spring I feel as though I have been tested as to whether I really want to create a future as social entrepreneur and if my passion for Nepal is strong enough for me to continue my long-term plans there.




My answer to that question is “YES, YES, YES!!!… More than EVER BEFORE!”

But my focus has changed. It is no longer important for me to be in an Everest expedition next spring. What is important for me is to continue the work, which I have started, that will, hopefully, result in me being able to support myself as a social entrepreneur. Making tough decisions, prioritizing and focusing are important when we have big dreams that we want to live out. Without it, there is a large risk that everything will be handled poorly and that no dreams will be achieved. That is why I feel the way that I do now with regards to choosing to focus on establishing myself as a social entrepreneur rather than summiting Mount Everest. Sometimes we have to say “no” to some dreams because we do not have the resources to fulfill everything we dream of doing (at the moment).

  • Do you have a dream you that you wish to fulfill?
  • What is it that you are dreaming about doing?
  • What is it that keeps you from making your dreams a reality?

I would LOVE to hear about your dreams and what it is that holds you back from living them out. Please send me an e-mail at Ingvill@Livealifeinmotion.com if you want to share your stories with me.


Most of us, including myself, are good at finding excuses for why we cannot do something that we really want to do instead of finding a solution to allow it to become possible. If we really want to make a dream come true there is usually a way we can fulfill our dream. It is often our mindset that holds us back from doing that of which what we dream. For me, my journeys to Nepal have opened up my mind to seeing new opportunities in dreams that seemed impossible before… Perhaps Nepal will have the same effect on you as well… For sure, I believe Nepal is worthy of your consideration

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