It has been a week with a lot of thoughts and emotions in motion within. I am sitting in my kitchen in my flat in Oslo where I try to sort out for myself what’s going on in my life. I love these moments where I feel I have an active volcano inside. It is a sign that I am developing on the personal level. I LOVE to develop inside it means that I am alive. I have just finished one important phase of my life journey in Asia, and I am on my way into a new phase with all the challenges that leads to. Or am I? Where does one phase stop and a new phase start? What is the starting point of a new phase in life? I don’t know!

What I do know is that the phase I am about to start on now, started some time last spring/summer. I met many interesting people on my journey that have inspired me along my journey. It all started when I was on my way to Nepal. I met C.J. in the departure hall at the airport in Bangkok. We where both waiting to go on board on the airplane to Kathmandu in Nepal. We exchanged contact information and agreed upon that we should try to meet again in Kathmandu. Nepal is a busy place to be, so it took some weeks in-between treks, home stays and weddings before we met again for lunch in a tourist restaurant in Kathmandu. The next days had we many long and interesting conversations. C.J opened my mind for new ideas and made me see behind the reality I knew at the time. He was the first person who said to me that I would try and climb Everest one day, something that I did not imagined in my wildest dreams at that time. He has also been an important inspiration for me that has led me to where I am today. He advised me to follow my passion. That is what I am trying to do….

Some weeks later was I having breakfast in another restaurant in the tourist area in Kathmandu. At the table next to mine sat a blond energetic woman I guessed was scandinavian. Correct! Pernille was on a similar journey to mine and she is from Denmark. Pernille and I hang out and had many interesting conversations the next days, about our dreams and the future. Pernille used to work as a corporate lawyer in Denmark before she started on her journey that led her to Nepal. Pernilles dream was to build up a charity foundation that could support projects in poor countries. Today is Pernille building up her own foundation “The Human Practice Foundation”  based in Copenhagen.

I continued my journey to India and Mysore to practice yoga. I met Michelle and Anders in Mysore. We where all living in yoga teacher R. Alexander Medins house. They where both working on establishing their career as artists. We had many long and interesting conversations about what it meant to work for ourselves. It was in Mysore one day when I was sitting outside the house together with Michelle, that I got the idea of making happy clothes under the brand name Happy Heart Universe for the first time. Michelle an I met again in Kathmandu some months later and our thoughts about what we would do in the future continued to develop. Both Michelle and myself has gathered lots of inspiration from our stays in Nepal.

Upper Mustang

I met Ellen in Kathmandu at Pranamaya yoga studio where Ellen works as a yoga teacher. Ellen lives in Kathmandu and just LOVES the place. Ellen and myself will organise two inspirational treks in Nepal together next year. Together with a friend of mine in Norway Erling Pande Braathen have I worked on, the web page where we promote our treks in Norwegian. Erling has done a GREAT job with the page.

Taiwan with Chien



NepalturI visited my good friend Chien who lives in Taiwan this summer. I met her for the first time in april last year in North Thailand. I went to Taiwan to visit my good friend who works as a independent illustrator for magazines, newspapers and children’s books. We had a GREAT time together. One of the reasons that visited her was that I wanted work together with her. Chien is helping and have designed the new logos for my concepts. If you have had a look at, have you perhaps seen the logo with a running girl. I feel so proud and fortunate who has her as my friend. I will tell you more about our cooperation in future blogs.

Happy Heart Universe


Happy Heart red t-shirt

I met Alpaza and Anusa in their shop in the tourist area in Kathmandu. Alpaza and Anuza are sisters. Alpaza is a designer and Anuza has a Bacheleor in Business and Administration. A perfect combination to run a business together.  I have been working with these two women this summer designing t-shirts for a concept I am working on called Happy Heart Universe. I will tell you more about this concept soon to.

Happy Heart OrangeHappy Heart grey

So I have travelled around Asia and collected inspiration for the next path on my life journey. One thing I have realised is that I develop in interaction with people. When I look back at all the good times I have had with these people and the inspiration I have got from them. No doubt, I have lived a life in motion that has lead me to where I am today.

I am sitting in my kitchen with a lot of thoughts and ideas for my future. My long term plan is to be able to live of the projects I have brought with me back from Asia. My values has changed while I have been away. It is getting more and more important for me to not only think about myself, but also be there for others that need help and support.

I realise that the chances that I do not succeed is a scenario I have to cope with. This scares me to think about but not enough to stop me from trying to follow my heart and develop my own projects together with my friends. I am definitely feeling the fear that follows with doing something new and different. My experience from doing things that scares me in the past is only positive. I have been sitting in my kitchen being scared to death about the idea of taking a year of work and travel in Asia to.