My life is definitely a life in motion. The strongest earthquake since 1900 stroke Nepal on Saturday. I was in Everest Basecamp preparing to get ready to climb Mount Everest. I sat in my tent in Basecamp when I suddenly felt that the earth underneath me started shaking. I heard a roar behind me in the tent and it turned out to be an avalanche from the 7.000 meter peak Pomori. The avalanche from Pomori damaged 9 expedition camps. 17 people died and 45 was injured in this catastrophe. Picture above: Mt. Everes basecamp just minutes after the fatal avalanche du to an earthquake close by

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The rescue started immediately and was handled in good cooperation between the sherpas, western guides and climbers. It was snowing and the sight was so bad that the helicopters could not fly out with the injured persons before the morning after.

After this earthquake the Everest expedition understandably cancelled for this year. The path with ladders and ropes that was made in Kumbhu Icefall was so damaged that it was unclimbable. It was just to pack our things and start on our way back to Kathmandu.

I feel so sad for what happened in Basecamp this year and at the same time so lucky. For the second year in a row have I been lucky to be alive after fatal accidents. What I feel right now is that I shall not tempt the fait and sign up for a third Everest expedition next year. I will accept that It is not meant to be that I shall reach the top of the worlds highest mountain now.


From this years expedition before the avalanche

I accept that we had to cancel the climb. To be honest there is more important matters that need attention in Nepal than climbing Everest. I want to contribute in Nepal for the the people that are suffering after the earthquake catastrophy. I have a good american friend C.J. Ford that has offered me to join his fund raising initiative Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. I have said yes to cooperate with him and help raise money for the people in need in the land that has a special place in my heart. C.J. and I met on our way to Kathmandu when I was on my one year journey in 2013. We have many friends and do care for the people in this country.

I spoke to my dear norwegian friend who has been living on the tennis court outside Hyatt Hotel in Kathmandu a few days ago. She has lost her home in the earthquake. Ellen is staying with a good friend until she goes to Norway for the summer. I look forward to see Ellen and her friend Cynthia when I arrive in Kathmandu in a few days.

So how do i feel after the last days happenings? The Everest expedition belongs to the path. I am not disapointed that I did not get the opportunity to climb the mountain. It is a bagatelle compared to the consequences the earthquake has had on Nepal as a nation. I feel a bit empty inside right now, and need a few days to adjust from being on a climbing expedition to concentrate on how I can help the nepali people in the best way.

We arrived at Namche Bazar yesterday. It is good to be out walking in the himalayas and get time to think.

Life is really like a big box of chocolate. You never know what you are going to get. I hope I can get to Kathmandu within a few days. I want to get on with the next step in my life.


Base camp 2015 before the avalanche


Base camp 2015 before the avalanche