I am writing this blog post in a coffee shop in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is 4th of June 2015. Two years have gone by since I met my friend C.J. from Chicago on my way to Nepal. What a journey I have been on these last two years.

C.J. recognized immediately back then, in 2013, my passion for Nepal. He told me that I would climb Everest one day. He also told me that I would organize treks to Nepal in the future and that Nepal would be a part of my future life. It was as though he planted a seed inside of me that has resulted in me being here in Kathmandu right now.

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At that time, I was approximately half way on my one-year journey in Asia. My plan was to find a job and to settle down in Norway after the year was finished. I had never in my wildest dreams imagined that I should try to climb Everest one day or that Nepal should be an important part of my future.

But now, here I am in a coffee shop in Kathmandu. I have not yet succeeded in reaching the top of Everest (due to natural disasters), but I have tried to do it… Not just once but two times. I have established a company and started promoting treks for Norwegians to Nepal. I have also designed and produced Happy Heart Universe t-shirts, which I sell in my shop on my company’s website, Livealifeinmotion.com.


When Happy Hearts meet, magic moments are created. I wonder where my life would have been today if I had not met C.J. on my way to Nepal. Would I still have been here in the coffee shop writing a blog post, or would I be behind a computer in an office Oslo? Who knows? …Certainly, not I.


C.J and myself share a big passion for Nepal, the people and the mountains. When the earthquake hit Nepal on April 25th, it was natural for us to involve ourselves in helping our friends in Nepal. C.J. asked me to team up with him in the effort to raise money for well-organized projects initiated and run by local Nepalese entrepreneurs, who feel a social responsibility to contribute to rebuilding the rural communities here in Nepal.


We will keep you updated on the progress in the projects we are involved in under the Rebuilding Nepal section of Livealifeinmotion.com.

C.J will also write guest blog posts. I look forward to share his blogs with you. He broadens my mind with his perspectives. Perhaps you, too, will also gain some new perspectives on the situation here in Nepal after reading his blog posts.

Our friends in Nepal will need a lot of financial support in the years to come in order to rebuild the schools, health stations and homes in the remote villages. We want to be a long-term committed partner for them in their efforts to rebuilding Nepal. To support our projects you can:

Buy a Happy Heart Universe t-shirt made in Nepal. 100% of the profits on all t-shirts sold before August 1, 2015 will go to support rebuilding projects in Nepal.

Participate in one of the non-touristic treks we are organizing. We donate 1,000 Norwegian Kroner per person to a project. (At the moment, these treks are targeted exclusively for Norwegians.)

Donate money to the Nepal Earthquake Relief.

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