It is soon time to leave Nepal for this time. It is under 100 hours until I will be on the airplane back to Norway. I am ready to go home now after almost 5 months here in Nepal.

I do like to be here a lot, but I feel that life goes on and that I am ready to start on a new phase in my life. I will move in to my apartment in Oslo that I have not been living in for the last one and a half year. I have to find out of the everyday routines as what shall I do for a living, getting back to my yoga practice and my climbing routines. But I also have to find enough time and space for being by myself and self reflection. I have always spent a lot of time by myself. I think that is because I have done it since I was a small child. Spending a lot of time on my own has made me self independent and I enjoy my own company. Maybe that was one of the factors that lies behind my decision to travel for the last one and a half year.

I have been a lot on the move during my last stay here in Nepal. In the periods I have been in Kathmandu have I spent a lot of time by myself. For the nepalese is this strange. This is a community where the extended family is still a very common way of living, and they are close connected to their friends. So when I am walking alone down the main street in Boudha, Kathmandu is it noticed. I get daily comments on that I am always walking alone. They are asking me if I do not have any friends since I am always alone.

There is a time for everything and for me has I needed to spend much time on my own right now. During my journey in 2013 became it clear that Nepal is a very special place for me. I found out that I wanted to try out how it would be to live here for one summer. I have a dream for the future that I will find a way to live my life so I can spend 5 months in Nepal working on different projects. So I have needed time to work on my plans regarding organising two treks in Langtang and Upper Mustang in 2015. I have been using a lot of time on how I can develop, and a new version will be launched within the next months. I have also been looking for other opportunities and have found what I was looking for…. I realise that It will take time to develop the life I am dreaming of.  I will try to be patient and accept the pace as it becomes. Probably slowly, slowly.

I look forward to go home now. Nepal is a special place for me but so is Oslo. I have my home in Oslo and my plan is to continue to have my home there. I leave Nepal again with even more memories than I had when I arrived 28th of march this year. I look forward to see my friends and family in Norway and catch up on their summer adventures.