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A LIFE IN MOTION starts with ONE single STEP that gets you a small, small step out of
your everyday life. Many small steps lead to ….?

Often when we are considering changes in our lives, they might seem impossible. We have a tendency to focus on THE END RESULT, instead of focusing on THE NEXT STEP OF THE JOURNEY.

A clear view of what you want to achieve with change is important. When you have figured out the direction you want to move, it is important to seek out the next step of your journey.

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Do you want to start living A LIFE IN MOTION? I cannot live your life for you, however, I can be there to support you on your journey if you want me to. I have not got a set method, but I have valuable life experience from my own journey that I am more than willing to share with you.


My friend Merete asked me if I wanted to attend beginners climbing course with her. As I have a big passion for the mountains, I immediately responded “YES!” and was delighted of the prospect of learning more about climbing. The climbing course took place on a sunny day in May, and we were both very excited. The course started on a climbing crag where we learned how to rappell down the climbing wall. All of a sudden I remembered that I had forgotten to tell Merete that I was afraid of heights! So I decided to tell her during our lunch break. We continued climbing after lunch, and learned how to put up a top rop anchor standing on a ledge on top of the climbing wall. I panicked on the ledge when it was my turn, and was so scared that I could not move. No way if anybody could get me to follow the instructions of the climbing instructor! I considered it then and there to be to dangerous to try and make a top rop anchor. Merete stood on the ground below me and calmed me down in the special way that only she can. Finally, I managed to become so calm that I could listen to the climbing instructor, made the top rop anchor and was lowered down to the ground. Safe down on the grown I was relieved to still be alive!


After this, Merete and I have had many situations like this, where I have been lowered down to the ground because I have been to scared to continue climbing. We have also shared some awesome moments climbing in the Norwegian mountains. One of the fondest memories we share together is when we climbed Store Skagadolstind together only two years after we started climbing.

I still need help when I take ONE step out of my Everyday life. For example: When I climb high mountains in Himalaya.

Want to LIVE A LIFE IN MOTION? Sign up and get FIVE TIPS on how to get started. It’s FREE!

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