I came back to Norway and my flat some days ago. It feels good and right to be home again after one and a half year in Asia. My good friend Anne Sofie came and met me when I arrived at my flat. I was so happy for being back in my flat and expressed my happiness to her. She just looked at me and said to me “you really love your apartment don’t you?” That is true. This is my home:-)

I got a soft landing on my departure back in Norway after 5 months in Nepal. I had been home for two days when Mingma Tsiri Sherpa that i climb high mountains in Himalaya together with, came to visit me in Oslo on his way back to Kathmandu. He guides in the Norwegian mountains for a local guiding company each summer. I had invited some of my friends that has a special interest in the mountains, to my home for a small party. Some of them have been on expeditions with Mingma, others are going to climb Ama Dablam or Mount Everest together with Mingma during the next year and the rest have dreams of going to Himalaya or other spectacular places in the future. We had a great time sharing our histories and dreams with each other. I could see on the messages that where shared on Facebook the morning after, that the dreams continued to develop after the guests had left the party:-)

I will use some time to move into my flat again totally with my body and my soul. I have decided that I shall give myself the time that I need. I remember now that I have 35 boxes stored away in my storage room in the basement and at my friends house. I need a good strategy for what I shall have in my flat before I start to unpack these boxes! Starting with the first step of moving into my flat again unpacking my luggage, and putting my things into the right places brought up many memories. I remembered how I have used hours on searching for something I needed in the past. I got stressed and angry at myself and really hated these moments. What I hated about them was the feeling of wasting time and not having control. When I think back on all the plastic bags I gave to the Salvation Army before I left on my journey, is the truth that I had to much stuff I did not need. I also realise how having to much things disturbs my ability to being present. The stress and anger it creates when I can not find my things prevents me from being in contact with myself. Being present in my life is something that get more and more important for me. This time when I move in to my flat, shall I do it with an awareness of what kind of energy the things I decide to keep gives me. I SHALL NOT keep things that there is a big chance I will just store in a cupboard until next time I move. I SHALL keep the things that is part of the life I am living now. The things that I need to live a happy life in the mountains, my yoga stuff and some clothes.

I have learned after traveling for one and a half year with my backpack, that it is not much you need of material goods in life. Adventures and experiences are much more important. So in the future will I prefer to use the time I used in the passed on trying to finding stuff, with a map over an area in Himalaya, dreaming about the good times in the mountains.

To my friends and family who want to bring a gift when they visit me in the future. Please give me something we can eat or drink, or give money to charity.