Dreaming of taking ONE STEP out of your everyday life? In to the life you want to live? All you have to do is to start with ONE SMALL STEP at the time. Many SMALL STEPS takes you forward towards your goal. You might want to travel, start with a new hobby, change your career or just feel that you want something new in your life without knowing exactly what it is. Whatever it is you want to do YOU CAN DO IT. You just have to figure out what you want and take the FIRST BABY STEP. Believe me.

I will share my experiences of taking many SMALL STEPS with you and how it has changed my life to where I am today.

Three years ago I was working as a procurement manager for a bank in Oslo and lived an active and ordinary life. I’m a graduate from business school and I’ve always had high standards for myself and my work. So much has happened since I left Norway and my job in the bank in 2013. I will share my journeys on the outer and inner level with you through my blog. Some of the things I have accomplished in the last couple of years weren’t in my wildest dreams when I left Norway. One of the dreams I’d never thought possible, was to attend an Everest Expedtion. This was only 18 months after I had promised myself that Everest Basecamp was as close as I would ever get to the top of Mount Everest! So the only recommendation I can give you is to start walking and see where it takes you.

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Dreams and goals change while you are on the MOVE.

My passion is to spend time playing in the mountains. Skiing from cottage to cottage in the small Norwegian mountains where the highest top is 2.469 meters, or trying to summit the Highest mountain in the world, namely Mount Everest. My passion for the mountains is quite new. It started with a weekend trip in Jotunheimen, a Norwegian mountain area, in August 2008. I became so fascinated spending time in the mountains after this weekend, that I decided that I needed to learn crosscountry skiing so I could spend time in the mountains during the winter.


One of the biggest gifts you can get in life is to find and follow your passion.

After I got in touch with with my passion for the mountains, it has been easy for me to know how I shall prioritise my time. To know your PASSION is GREAT.

When I look back at my journey, it started many years before I decided to leave my job and travel. Maybe it started 10 years earlier, or maybe it has been part of my destiny from I was born. What I do know is that it consists of many SMALL STEPS, decisions and activities that have led me to where I am today. It is not one big decision or activity but many SMALL, SMALL STEPS that has made it possible for me to live the life I live.

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Nepal has a special place in my heart. I just LOVE to spend time in this small country in the Himalayas with such beautiful nature, friendly people and rich culture. I have been on many special ADVENTURES there. Nepal has the highest mountains in the world and the kindest people. This is a perfect combination for a girl like me in my best age, who have a passion for mountans and interested in learning about people and new cultures. I have been fortunate to get the possibility to spen time up in the small villages in Himalaya. I have taken part in their everyday life and received an insight into their rich culture. I want to share the good moments from my journey with you in my blogs, and I will also organize inspirational treks to Nepal in the future.


I feel so fortunate for the good friendships I have made with people from all over the world while travelling in Asia. I know that some of them will be my friends forever. Many of them are following their heart and have inspired me to follow mine. To be present in our own heart and aware of how we can fill our own- and the hearts of people around us with good energy, is something I have been thinking a lot about these last years. To make someone else HAPPY can be so easy. It might be as easy as giving someone a nice compliment for a nice piece of clothing they are wearing. You can also wear clothes yourself that result in compliments and thereafter a heartfelt interaction. I will share my thougts and the good heartfelt interactions I have in my life with you.

My heart beats for Nepal and the people living there. I want to involve myself in projects that contribute to a better future for some of them. In a country where the unemployment rate is almost 50%, one way to contribute is to create workplaces. Another important contribution is to support good charity projects. I’d like to do both! Organizing inspirational treks, and producing Happy Heart Universe T-shirts contributes to workplaces in Nepal. I will give back some of the income from my projects to charity initiatives which is leading to continued settlement in some of the villages in Nepal.