I was having lunch at the places I am staying in together with a good friend today when a new big earthquake hit Nepal. We had norwegian chocolate for desert and I was making coffee when the house started to shake. It seemed like the quake was not going to end. It was stronger and longer than the other quakes I have experienced after i arrived in Kathmandu.

I was so fortunate and had lunch with my friend Martha that have been living in Kathmandu for many years, and she knew immediately what we should do. We went to a safe open field close by the apartment and stayed there for some hours, until it was safe to go back into the houses and get the things we needed to sleep outdoors to night. My friend says that you are supposed to sleep outside for 72 hours after there has been a big earthquake in case of after quakes.

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So here I am in the front yard of a house, in a nice tibetan neighbourhood in Kathmandu. We are sleeping in the street under a tarp tonight. It is nice and warm in Kathamandu. Since I have just been on an Everest expedition do I have the equipment I need to sleep outside. The atmosphere here is quiet and peaceful.


The Epicenter on this earthquake was not far from Namche Bazar and Mount Everest, where I was a few weeks ago under the last big Earthquake. I dare not think about what could have happened, if I still had been up in the mountains on an Everest expedition.

I know that there are many new vicitms from what happened today. New families has lost one or more family members. My thoughts goes to the people and families that is effected from todays earthquake. We must help them and give them the support they need to rebuild their country.

One way to support them is to buy a Happy Heart T-shirt on Livealifeinmotion.com, or you can donate money to Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.

Want to LIVE A LIFE IN MOTION? Sign up and get FIVE TIPS on how to get started. It’s FREE!