In last week’s article, “Nepal: More than Meets the Eye… A Country in Peril,” we highlighted the struggles that Nepal now faces.  This autumn will be the litmus test for the Nepali people.  Will the lifeblood of their economy, the tourists, return?  The (perceived) results will be a crucial determining factor for the people of Nepal… one with, potentially, dire results, as we shared with you last week.

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If you haven’t already, please forward this and last week’s article to anyone who may be able to travel to Nepal this autumn.  And if last week’s article wasn’t reason enough to visit Nepal this autumn, please allow us to introduce “10 Reasons to Put Nepal at the Top of Your Travel Destination List This Autumn.”

  1. Nepal’s glorious mountains are as beautiful as they were before the earthquake. And both of Nepal’s most popular trekking regions, Annapurna and Everest, are open and accessible to tourists.  Not only that, but Annapurna is recommended as a top place to visit this October by Lonely Planet!  Additionally, Chitwan National Park is often overlooked but is one of the best preserved jungles in the Asia and offers tremendous wildlife and adventure.DSC_0431-1
  2. Nepal is operating as it always has, meaning that most roads are open, all airports are operational, communication and all other necessities are fully functional. Additionally, the governments of western countries are reaffirming that Nepal is a safe place to travel again.CJ&Elephant_chitwam_Nepal
  3. Many Western currencies, especially the U.S. Dollar, are currently historically very strong versus the Nepali Rupee. When coupled with the slowdown in tourism, Nepal is offering Western tourists substantial savings right now.DSC_0090
  4. If there are far less tourists this year, you will be able to enjoy Nepal much more intimate level during the peak tourist season.DSC_0430
  5. Since tourism directly accounts for more than 500,000 jobs in Nepal, by visiting, you will be helping to rebuild Nepal just by being a tourist.DSC_0360
  6. You will get to see a side to Nepal that tourists rarely do. You will be able to see the extent to which Nepalese help each other in times of need and see their amazing resiliency first hand.DSCN0712
  7. Volunteering is fun and can be a life-changing experience.DSCN2264
  8. Many concerned people, including Ingvill and myself, are marketing special relief-minded tours and treks in Nepal, whereby a large percentage of profits are donated to socially-minded local rebuilding projects in rural Nepal.DSCN0646
  9. You will have first-hand knowledge of Nepal and be able to tell your friends about it… and, in turn, be one of the first to get the wheels turning again on Nepal’s vital tourism industry.DSC_0716
  10. … Because if you’ve never been (or always wanted to return), this autumn is the perfect time to (re)discover just how special Nepal is!DSCN1806

If you have any questions or concerns about Nepal, please contact Ingvill at She will help you to ease any concerns that you may have, while, at the same time, offer you plenty of great options to consider during your visit.

In short:
Autumn is the best time of year to visit Nepal.  More so, as we stressed in last week’s article, the Nepali economy needs tourists to visit Nepal this autumn.

Do you love the outdoors (lakes, mountains, jungle)?
Do you have a desire to help those in need?
Have you ever wanted to volunteer abroad?
Do you have a desire to step outside of your comfort zone?
Have you never visited a non-Western country?
Has Nepal been on your wish list or bucket list?
Have you visited Nepal before and always wanted to return?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, visit Nepal this autumn!

… Not only will it have an impact on your life, it will leave a huge impact on the lives of many others.

*** Please share this article with anyone who may have an interest in visiting Nepal.  The future of Nepal may depend on it.  Thank you!

Annapurna 1

DSCN2758Additionally, please explore the following options below to help us rebuild rural Nepal!

– Buy a Happy Heart Universe t-shirt made in Nepal. 100% of the profits on all t-shirts sold before August 1, 2015 will go to support rebuilding projects in Nepal.
– Participate in one of the non-touristic treks we are organizing. We donate 1,000 Norwegian Kroner per person to a project. (At the moment, these treks are targeted exclusively for Norwegians.) Send an e-mail to for more information.
– Donate money to the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.


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