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Feel ready to take ONE STEP outside your everyday life?

If yes, I will be glad to share my experiences with you from:

  • How life can develop STEP by STEP
  • How to live A LIFE IN MOTION
  • My ADVENTURES in Nepal and Himalaya

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Passion for living without regrets – Everest 2015

Stories from Nepal

Life is good home in Norway. I am using my time on my projects that shall result in that I can be fulltime self employed sometime in the future. I am also using a lot of time training…

Follow your heart and see where it leads you

A life in motion

It is good to be back in my home in Oslo, but I also miss being in Kathmandu or up in the Himalayas on an adventurous trek or expedition. Since I came home from my one and a…

Be kind to yourself!

Happy Heart Universe

I have been really kind to myself today. I am visiting my mother at her house in Stavanger on the west coast of Norway. My mother and I have been walking on the beach for hours. Spending time…

Magic moments….:-)

Happy Heart Universe

Evangeline and myself had a magic moment on one of our 2.000 meter peaks Besshøe in september this year. You are always lucky when you arrive on a mountaintop in Norway with clear view and no wind. We…

Feeling the fear……YES definitely!

A life in motion

It has been a week with a lot of thoughts and emotions in motion within. I am sitting in my kitchen in my flat in Oslo where I try to sort out for myself what’s going on in…