A life in motion is constantly moving in interaction with other people, body and soul.
Mountains, personal development, travel and being together with people is how I keep my life moving.
A life in Motion

Passion for living without regrets (Everest 2015)


Life is good home in Norway. I am using my time on my projects that shall result in that I can be fulltime self employed sometime in the future. I am also using a lot of time training for the Everest expedition I will attend in april and may this year.

What is it that drives me to use time and money on a new Everest expedition after the expedition in 2014 that was cancelled?

I can answer that question with one word PASSION!!! Passion is what drives me to train hard so I hopefully can stand on the top of Mount Everest one day in may this year. To have passion in life is a great gift. Passion is for me an extra dimension that gives me a special energy that makes impossible achievements possible.

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Do you follow your heart?

It is good to be back in my home in Oslo, but I also miss being in Kathmandu or up in the Himalayas on an adventurous trek or expedition. Since I came home from my one and a half year journey in Asia last august, have I been working on where my next path on my life journey is heading. One thing is for sure I will try to follow my heart and see where it leads me. Maybe I will manage to make a living out of doing what I really LOVE, or maybe it ends up as a disaster. The only way to find out is to try and see what happens.

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Be kind to yourself!


I have been really kind to myself today. I am visiting my mother at her house in Stavanger on the west coast of Norway. My mother and I have been walking on the beach for hours. Spending time on these beaches is real quality time for me. There are many thoughts and dreams that have […]

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Magic moments….:-)


Evangeline and myself had a magic moment on one of our 2.000 meter peaks Besshøe in september this year. You are always lucky when you arrive on a mountaintop in Norway with clear view and no wind. We summited the top in september. It is extraordinary for that time of the year, that you can […]

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Feeling the fear……YES definitely!

Pumori BaseCamp 2014

It has been a week with a lot of thoughts and emotions in motion within. I am sitting in my kitchen in my flat in Oslo where I try to sort out for myself what’s going on in my life. I love these moments where I feel I have an active volcano inside. It is […]

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Back to where it started


I have spent the weekend at Gjendesheim a cabin owned and run by the Norwegian Trekking Association, in Jotunheimen which is one of the popular mountain areas close to Oslo. It is exactly seven years since I was in the same area of Jotunheimen on my first weekend trip in the Norwegian Mountains. I was […]

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Homemade Food + Good Friends = Happiness:-)


I have my mother visiting me in Oslo this weekend. Although we are in September is the weather nice and warm, and we can enjoy a good meal out on my balcony. I have many passions! This weekend has I practiced my passion for making good food and enjoying many good meals together with my […]

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Norwegian mountains YEAHHH!!!


  I have spent one weekend in my flat in Oslo after I arrived back from the journey and bought a car. This weekend was it time to drive up to the Norwegian mountains, and get a feel of how it was to be back in the mountains where I have had so many special […]

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The journey continues


  It is a little bit over a week since I arrived back in Norway. It feels so good to be home again. Back to my old routines practicing yoga at Puro yoga and climbing in the climbing gym. It is so good to be back in my flat, meet my old friends again and […]

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Back in my flat


I came back to Norway and my flat some days ago. It feels good and right to be home again after one and a half year in Asia. My good friend Anne Sofie came and met me when I arrived at my flat. I was so happy for being back in my flat and expressed […]

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Counting hours…..


It is soon time to leave Nepal for this time. It is under 100 hours until I will be on the airplane back to Norway. I am ready to go home now after almost 5 months here in Nepal. I do like to be here a lot, but I feel that life goes on and […]

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Feel the fear and do it anyway……


Feel the fear and do it anyway, is the title of a book by the author Susan Jeffers. I read it many years ago. What I learned from this book about how to handle fear, has helped me many times. This picture is taken when I climbed Ama Dablam last year. It is on our […]

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Life’s ups and downs…..


The last one and a half year has been like a fairytale for me. I have spent 10 months in the country that has a big place in my heart Nepal, traveled up in the Himalayas in Nepal, India and Bhutan for more than 5 months. What more can a girl like me that LOVE […]

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Life treat me good:-)


I have learned so much from my stay here in Taiwan about the important thing in life. Good interaction with people I meet on my way. As I wrote in my blog yesterday “I just want to be together with my friend”, am I visiting my friend Chien and her family in a not touristic […]

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Just want to be together with my friend:-)


I am so fortunate and have made friends all over the world during my journey the last one and a half year. Right now am I visiting my dear friend Chien in Taiwan. Chien and I became friends in Thailand last year. It is soo good to see her again and the right chemistry is […]

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Trekking in Upper Mustang (Part two)


In my last blog wrote I about our trek up to Lo-mantang our end destination on the Upper Mustang trek, and our stay in Lo-Mantang. In this blog is it the way down the mountain to Jomsom i will write about. I feel soo lucky that I got the opportunity to walk in this beautiful […]

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Trekking in Upper Mustang (Part one)


By the end of may 2014 went Ellen Johannesen and I trekking in Upper Mustang. An area in Nepal that had been on my wish list since the first time I heard about this area. I was so happy when Ellen asked me earlier this year, if I wanted to go with her trekking in […]

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Life after a death accident (Everest 2014)


This picture of me are from Lobuche Peak with Mount Everest in the background. It is taken the same morning as the avalanche took 16 lives at camp 1 in Mount Everest. It is so strange to think about that here are we on Lobuche Peak, happy because the whole team has succeeded with summiting […]

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Saturday morning solitude…….


“Solitude is not the absence of company, but the moment when the soul is free to speak to us”.    Paulo Coelho my favourite author. I am sitting at the kitchen table in a really nice flat I have rented from Ellen’s friend Cynthia here in Kathmandu, and am writing this blog. I am drinking […]

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What happens next?


What happens next? That is a good question:-) Today is it 25 days since I arrived back in Kathmandu from the Everest expedition 2014. I felt that I was quite finished with the high mountains for a while, and ready to start up new projects here in Nepal. One of the projects I am working […]

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A life in motion


In todays blog will I share a blog I wrote on when I was up in Mount Everest Basecamp. It is a very personal blog where I share some of my thoughts and feelings about the life journey I am on. Even though I did not get the opportunity to climb Mount Everest this year, […]

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Beautiful mountains of Himalaya

In the plain on out way to Lukla.

Even though the Mount Everest Expedition is over for this year, have I no plans of going home to Norway for a while. I am actually planning to stay in Nepal until the end of july. I have been so lucky and got the opportunity to rent a beautiful flat in the Tibetan area Boudha […]

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Everest Expedtion 2014 – Life goes on:-)


I have come back to Kathmandu and spent some days here after the Expedition. The last month has really been moving. So has the life of many others who had the ambition of climbing Mount Everest this season. But most important is the consequences the avalanche 18th april had on the families who lost a […]

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Everest Expedition 2014 – Everest Basecamp

We have been in Everest Basecamp 5.315 meters for five days now. Everest Basecamp is a beautiful place surrounded with mountains on all sides. We have not had any wifi or telephone connection after we left Labuche Tuesday little over a week ago. Today have we arrived in Labuche village 4.910 meters again. That was […]

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Closer and closer to Mount Everest


Today is our 6th day on the expedition. We have walking slowly and arrived in Dingbuche on approx. 4.400 yesterday. Today have we stayed in Dingbuche and had an acclimatisation day. We started our day with our first acclimatisation mountain climb. A top I do not now the name on that is 5.045 meters. Our […]

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The Mount Everest Expedition has finally started:-)


Finally am I on my way up to Mount Everest BaseCamp. So far, So good. We have moved slowly up from Lukla and am now in Namche Bazar 3.440 meters. We had a rest day yesterday, but we will continue to Debuche on 3.800 meters today.

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Back in my favourite city Kathmandu

Big Belly my regular breakfast place. I almost left without paying for my coffee today. A sign that I feel very much at home here....

It has been some busy days after my arrival in Kathmandu. I have spent time together with good friends and finished the last preparations for my Everest Expedition that starts tomorrow. We will fly to Lukla in the Mount Everest Region tomorrow. Finally will we be on our way up to Everest BaseCamp and the […]

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Time to go back…..


It is time to get on the plane and fly back to Kathmandu. I am flying to Bangkok tomorrow and will continue to Kathmandu on friday. Two months in Norway has passed quickly. The next four months will I spend in Nepal. The first two months will I be up in the beautiful mountains in […]

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A new blog for my Everest expedition 2014


I was writing my blog on fjellsnuppa, while I was travelling in Asia for one year.   I have got my own web page LiveALifeInMotion, where I can write my blogs and share my experiences, thoughts and dreams with you. I feel so humble that you find it interesting to read my blogs. Thank you […]

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What will the future bring?

In the last on an a half year have I been traveling in Asia. I have been without a steady job and income far away from friends and family. Some of you who read this might think that I am loaded with money who can live the life I have lived, which I am not!

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