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If yes, I will be glad to share my experiences with you from:

  • How life can develop STEP by STEP
  • How to live A LIFE IN MOTION
  • My ADVENTURES in Nepal and Himalaya

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On adventures in Himalaya – Is it advisable to trek in Nepal this autumn?

Rebuilding Nepal, Stories from Nepal

It started to be clear to me in the days after I arrived back in Kathmandu after my Everest expedition that the earthquake, which hit Nepal on the 25th of April, would have a significant impact on the…

Do more of what you want to do and less of what society expects from you!

A life in motion, Rebuilding Nepal

I will soon be on the plane home to Norway for the summer, and my time in Nepal, for now, will be over. Wow, what I have experienced here in Nepal during the last three months will stay…

Being Present in Earthquake Damaged Nepal

Rebuilding Nepal

I had to extend my visa here in Nepal the other day. It has been almost 90 days since I landed in Kathmandu for my Everest Expedition. Much has happened since then. I have traveled to earthquake-damaged areas.…

Against all odds, a beacon of hope rises in Nepal

Rebuilding Nepal

It is important to highlight social entrepreneurs, who are working diligently to transform the country that they love into a better, more prosperous one for the people of Nepal. Likewise, it is important to share other aspects of…

Do you feel for expanding your horizon on life? – Talk with a good friend!

A life in motion, Rebuilding Nepal

I am writing this blog post in a coffee shop in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is 4th of June 2015. Two years have gone by since I met my friend C.J. from Chicago on my way to Nepal. What…