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“I Want to Travel to Nepal, But I Can’t Afford It!”

Rebuilding Nepal

…If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard those words! And if you threw in, “Do you know how lucky you are able to go to Nepal?! You know, not everyone can afford to travel…

Fly to Nepal from the U.S. for as Little As $150!

Rebuilding Nepal

During the last two weeks, LiveALifeInMotion has reported on the perilous situation that the Nepali people now face if tourists do not return this autumn, and we have also suggested “10 Reasons to Put Nepal at the Top…

10 Reasons To Put Nepal at the Top of Your Travel Destination List This Autumn

Rebuilding Nepal

In last week’s article, “Nepal: More than Meets the Eye… A Country in Peril,” we highlighted the struggles that Nepal now faces.  This autumn will be the litmus test for the Nepali people.  Will the lifeblood of their…

Nepal: More than meets the eye… A country in peril

Rebuilding Nepal

Unbeknownst to much of the outside world, Nepal’s future is perilously on the brink of another disaster. In a little more than a month, the Nepali people will find out if their country’s lifeblood, the tourists, will return…

On adventures in Himalaya – Is it advisable to trek in Nepal this autumn?

Rebuilding Nepal, Stories from Nepal

It started to be clear to me in the days after I arrived back in Kathmandu after my Everest expedition that the earthquake, which hit Nepal on the 25th of April, would have a significant impact on the…